Shopify: Identify Your Fulfillment Settings

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Please follow the steps below to identify the Fulfillment Settings in the Whiplash Application for your Shopify Shop.

  1. Log into Whiplash and navigate to the Customer "Preferences" page.

  2. Click on the "Shops" tab. Each Shopify shop connected to your Whiplash account should have a separate entry on this tab. From a Shop's card, Click on "Settings".


  3. Under the header "Order Item and Property Syncing", locate the drop-down box titled "Fulfill items for this fulfillment service".

  4. The following two options are available as Fulfillment Services. Choose the Fulfillment Service option that works best for your Shopify shop. 
    • Whiplash
    • Shopify/Manual

*if you do not see the option for "Fulfill items for this fulfillment service" from your Shops settings, then your service is Shopify/Manual

Note: Shopify refers to the Fulfillment Service as a "Location". For more information about Shopify Locations, see our related documentation here.

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