eZCom Integration with Whiplash- A Brief Overview

Caitlin Teed
Caitlin Teed
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When growing an e-commerce business, implementing, connecting, and managing an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is no small feat. To help merchants better navigate selling their products through new channels and retailers, they can rely on Whiplash’s integration with eZCom. Together, we provide a complete solution to manage e-commerce data, inventory, orders, and fulfillment across both direct-to-consumer and retail.

eZCom's integration with Whiplash’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is available to all customers with an eZCom Lingo account.  Orders created on Lingo flow to Whiplash and, where applicable, to the e-commerce platform or ERP you have integrated with eZCom.


What Are the Benefits?

Leveraging Whiplash and eZCom for your wholesale orders allows you to:

  • Stay up-to-date with retailer rules to avoid costly chargebacks and slowdowns.
  • Work with routing and compliance specialists to ensure accurate shipment routing and maintaining compliance with your retail trading partners.
  • Leveraging advanced wholesale solutions for your business and partner with eZCom’s existing retailers, e-commerce platforms, and ERPs (additional costs may apply from eZCom).
  • Take advantage of automated processes that increase warehouse efficiency and reliability.


How Does it Work?

Here is a high level overview of how information is pushed and pulled between the eZCom systems in Lingo and our Whiplash WMS:

  1. Wholesale orders are received in eZCom's system, Lingo, from the wholesaler and/or retailer.
  2. Orders details are pushed from Lingo to Whiplash.
  3. Wholesale orders are batched in Whiplash and items are picked and packed at the warehouse.
  4. The Whiplash team prepares the cartons for shipping, including printing the UCC labels and applying them to the corresponding cartons.
  5. Whiplash notifies Lingo of a new shipment with carton content details.
  6. The pickup, if applicable, is scheduled with the wholesaler and Lingo is updated with pickup details.
  7. The Whiplash team prepares a master BOL including all shipments going to the wholesaler.
  8. When the order is picked up, shipment is confirmed in both Whiplash and Lingo.
  9. Lingo notifies the wholesaler that the shipment is on the way and an ASN is created.
  10. If an e-commerce platform (i.e., Shopify) or ERP is integrated with eZCom, Lingo will notify this system that orders have shipped (additional costs from eZCom may apply).

Getting Started

Getting started is easy — contact your Customer Success Manager or primary support contact at Whiplash to request the eZCom integration. Please be as specific as possible with your ideal go-live date as well as confirming if you are a current eZCom customer or not.  

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More Information

We recommend reaching out to your Customer Success contact at Whiplash — we'd be happy to share more documentation with current customers, and also happy to discuss this integration with those potential customers interested in learning more: https://whiplash.com/contact/.

For detailed documentation regarding the eZCom integration, please click here. Please note, you must be signed in to Whiplash to view the documentation. 


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