Global-e Integration Pre-Setup Questionnaire

Julie  Houlton
Julie Houlton
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Use this questionnaire to determine if you are ready to move ahead with a Global-e integration. See the Global-e Integration Overview for more details. 

Whiplash software requirements

Whiplash supports Shopify customers using Global-e's Shopify Native App or customers who integrate using the Whiplash API. See the Whiplash API Developer Library for more information on what is required for Global-e. 

Before you get started

Shading-box-green.png = Good to move forward.

Shading-box-pink.png = See the Next steps section for follow-up actions.

Number1.png Do you currently have only 1 Production Global-e GUID? Yes
Number2.png Do you send order information now to Global-e using SKUs? Yes


Number3.png Is Whiplash the only provider that will obtain shipping labels from
Global-e? Whiplash requires ZPL format.
Number4.png Do you have 1 carrier now providing line haul services on standard shipments?  Yes

Next steps

  • If you answered No to questions #1 - 4 above, reach out to your Ryder Whiplash Customer Success Manager to discuss your options.
  • For other technical issues, reach out to us at

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