Klaviyo Integration

Federico Pistarini
Federico Pistarini
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Klaviyo is a powerful marketing automation tool that allows customers to create marketing workflows to send customized communications to end consumers.

When powered with Whiplash, specific warehouse shipment status updates can be set as events that trigger notifications, keeping the end consumer updated during the entire order fulfillment process.


How it works

  1. An order is created on Whiplash.
  2. The following order information is sent to Klaviyo:
    • End consumer’s full name
    • End consumer’s email address
    • Order number and status
  3. Klaviyo uses the email address to identify on their database whether the end consumer already has a profile on the Whiplash Klaviyo instance. If a profile with that email address does not exist, it creates a new profile that will have the end consumer’s email address (mandatory) and full name.
    Note:  If the full name is not available, Klaviyo will use the customer’s company name. If the company name is also not available, the profile name will be the email address.
  4. Now order status updates will sync with Klaviyo and can be used as part of the marketing flow and trigger notifications or marketing material.


The following diagram illustrates this flow:Drawing3 (5).png



Information shared

From Klaviyo to Whiplash (only for the integration):

  • Whiplash list on Klaviyo
  • Default profile on Klaviyo

From Whiplash to Klaviyo:

  • Order recipients
  • Order number
  • Order status updates


Setup instructions

Getting started is easy. Customers will need to:

  1. Set up a Klaviyo account if you don’t have one.
  2. Contact your Ryder Whiplash CSM to ask them to enable their Klaviyo-Whiplash integration with the planned launch date. Order data from up to 14 days before the launch date can be synced. The API credentials will be required.

From Ryder Whiplash, we will enable the events that are synced to the customer’s profile and once the integration is in place, the customer’s Klaviyo dashboard will have a default Whiplash list and profile.



What order status updates can be shared with Klaviyo?

Currently, the following statuses can be shared:

  • Processing order
  • Order cancelled
  • Order shipped
  • Order delivered

These statuses are considered events on Klaviyo.


What happens when end consumers change their full names?

If the profile on Klaviyo has the same email address, the full name will be overridden and replaced with the latest.


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