🗻 Preparing for Peak with Our Partners

Caitlin Teed
Caitlin Teed
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The busy holiday season is almost here, but it’s never too late to ensure you're prepared for a stellar sales season. We’ve been collecting resources from our top technology and solution partners to share with you to ensure all your bases are covered:




Loop helps Shopify’s best brands optimize return costs, retain more revenue, and prevent return losses to achieve sustainable growth. Together with the Whiplash platform integration, stores can automate return processing and keep both systems up-to-date, automatically creating RMA’s and streamlining reverse logistics. 




By leveraging Gorgias as your all-in-one e-commerce helpdesk, Ryder’s online retailers will be able to connect directly with their customers as fast as deliveries are fulfilled by the warehouse. Together we can turn your help center into a profit center, keeping customers coming back for more orders after every satisfied interaction.  




When you think SMS marketing, you think Attentive, and when you think leading e-commerce fulfillment providers, you think Ryder. Attentive creates customer-first connections with personalized text messaging and Ryder delivers a memorable customer experience through timely order fulfillment. Together, our solutions give customers the power to scale further and faster. 



Ryder E-commerce by Whiplash and Malomo enhance the experience from the moment a customer clicks “buy.” Malomo’s post-purchase solution automates branded Shipping Notifications and generates additional revenue through personalized tracking pages. Combined with the speed of the proprietary Whiplash platform and its robust fulfillment capabilities, brands are able to provide unmatched customer satisfaction with every order.




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