Shopify – Allowing Post Purchases with Rebuy

Julie  Houlton
Julie Houlton
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Whiplash allows customers to take advantage of post purchases – after checkout – if they are set up on Shopify to allow post purchases using Rebuy.

Lightbulb-1.pngOnly Rebuy has been tested as a post-purchase app that works with both Shopify and Whiplash. Other post-purchase apps may not work in the same way.

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What is a post purchase? 

A post purchase means that consumers are allowed to buy additional item(s) after they’ve paid for their original purchase on the checkout page. The order is temporarily held while the consumer decides whether or not to buy additional item(s).

If the consumer does make a secondary purchase, the additional items are added to the original order.

How it works

Whiplash | Shopify customers first must specify in Shopify that Rebuy is their post-purchase application for their consumers to use this capability.

To do this: In Shopify, go to Settings > Checkout > Post purchase page > select the Rebuy option. See the online documentation for both Shopify and Rebuy for more details.  No additional setup is needed in Whiplash.

1.  Consumer makes a purchase and pays for it on Shopify’s checkout page.

2.  This fulfillment order is set to ‘On Hold’ while the consumer interacts with Rebuy’s post purchase page. This prevents Whiplash from importing the order.

3.  If the customer accepts the post purchase offer, the additional item(s) will be added to the order. This will lift the fulfilment hold, and the order will import to Whiplash with both the original order items and the item(s) added post purchase.


If the customer does not accept the post purchase offer, the fulfilment order hold will lift, and the order will import to Whiplash with the original order items.

Warning.png When first implementing Rebuy, Whiplash recommends implementing a single offer and then monitoring for a day to ensure everything works as expected with Whiplash. This is important since every Shopify shop is configured differently.


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