Gorgias Integration [pilot]

Julie  Houlton
Julie Houlton
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This feature is currently in a pilot phase and is being rolled out to customers.

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With Gorgias and Whiplash working together, you’ll have up-to-date Whiplash order information so you can provide better, more efficient service to your customers.

The integration between Gorgias and Whiplash facilitates the synchronization of customer order information from Whiplash to your Gorgias account, updating customer profiles within the Gorgias platform. This ensures a seamless flow of order information from Whiplash to Gorgias.

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How it works


1.   An order is created on Whiplash. Consumer and order information is transmitted to Gorgias through the API.

2.  Gorgias uses the email address to identify on their database whether the end consumer already has a Gorgias profile. If a profile with that email address does not exist, it creates a new one.

Lightbulb-1.png Multiple Whiplash stores can sync to the same consumer within Gorgias.

3.  Whiplash data updates sync with Gorgias to refresh the widget and the details within as the order status changes. For more information about the data shared, see Information shared.

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Information shared

Data always flows from Whiplash to Gorgias, never the other way around. Gorgias updates the different sections of the Whiplash widget as the information is received.

Data synced for the Order section:

  • Order number
  • Date created (Order date)
  • Status
  • Requires signature
  • Shipping method

Data synced for the Product section: 

  • SKU
  • Quantity

Data synced for the Customer section:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Data synced for the Address section:

  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Country

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Setup instructions

Getting started is easy. You will need to:

1.   Set up a Gorgias account. If you don't have a Gorgias account, please reach out to Partnerships@whiplash.com for an introduction to our priority contacts there.

2.   Contact your Ryder Whiplash Customer Success team member to ask them to enable their Gorgias | Whiplash integration with the planned launch date. Your Gorgias subdomain will be required to generate the OAuth credentials.

The Whiplash team will enable the events that are synced to the customer’s profile and once the integration is in place, the customer’s Whiplash widget will be updated with Whiplash data.

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What happens when end consumers change their full names and/or address information? 

If the profile on Gorgias has the same email address, the full name and/or location address will be overridden and replaced with the new name.

What happens when end consumers change their email address?

A new account in Gorgias will be automatically created using the new email.

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