Parcel Support Program

Sonnia Cisneros
Sonnia Cisneros
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Using Rydership parcel accounts.


Observed Holiday Schedule:

  • New Year's Day,
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day,
  • Labor Day.
  • Thanksgiving,
  • Day after Thanksgiving.
  • ½ Day in Observance of Christmas Eve.
  • Christmas Day.
  • ½ Day in observance of New Year’s Eve.

Parties Involved:

  • Client Customer Support Team
  • Ryder Post-Shipment Team

Types of support:

1. Post Shipment Investigations

How to contact us:

  • Rydership customers:  Please use the "Support" widget in-app and select "I have a question about an order that has already shipped". This will route your inquiry thru our Zendesk Ticketing System. The subject line must include the order ID and tracking number if the question is related to a particular package within your order.
  • EVT customers: can reach us by emailing at This will route your inquiry thru our Zendesk Ticketing System. The subject line must include EVT customer’s name, Order ID, and Tracking number.
  • Dotcom customers can reach out to us by emailing at This will route your inquiry thru our Zendesk Ticketing System. The subject line must include customer’s name, Order ID, DC Number and Tracking number.

Our team will be able to support on the below scenarios:

  • Packages whereabouts.
  • Mediate with carrier to re-route packages if the carrier supports it. Subject to package status. Reroutes are not guaranteed.
  • Place a package on hold if the carrier supports it. Subject to package status.
  • Update a package to be picked up instead if carrier allows it. Subject to package status.

Our Team will initiate the investigation with carrier and will update you based on the carrier findings/insights.

Ticket resolution:

For post shipment inquiries:

  • The first response is to be expected within the same day if inquiry is populated in Zendesk within the hours of operations. If sent at the EOD or after hours of operation, the response will be sent the next day.
  • The second response is to be expected once the carrier has provided findings, which usually are received within 24-48 hours.
  • If the inquiry results on a claim submission and carrier advises a claim is to be submitted, our team will notify you on the ticket for your team to add the required information for submission purposes, the ticket will be solved, and updates will be available and visible thru the google sheet.

2. Claim submission

Our team will be able to submit claims on your behalf for packages under the below scenarios:

  • If scanned by carrier, in transit and never delivered. Submission subject to carrier guidelines.
  • If scanned by carrier, delivered but to an address other than the order’s address. In this case, POD must be obtained, and no address update should have been requested by any party. (Shipper, Customer or Recipient).
  • If package is deemed as lost.
  • If the package is missing pieces. Pictures and supporting documentation must be provided by the customer CSR Team.

Claim Process:

A google doc is created and shared with you and your CSR Team. Your team is responsible for entering orders for claim submission, adding cost associated to the items shipped, and providing additional supporting documentation as part of the claim process as required by the carrier. This information will be used by our team to submit the claim on your behalf.

Our Team submits claims for all customers on a weekly basis, and will update the google doc upon initiating the claim as well as providing status updates weekly.

Once a claim is approved, the payment is monitored by our billing team and once the check is received and deposited, the credit is issued in WIS (Warehousing Invoicing System) and submitted on the next parcel invoice cycle.

You are not required to submit via Zendesk if your claim meets one of the criteria above. Your team can enter an order directly in the google doc for our team to submit a claim on your behalf.

Note: If a package is delivered outside the expected transit time, our team will not be able to mediate for shipping cost reimbursement as this has not been included in our parcel rate negotiation.