Cycle Counting

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Yolanda Ordaz
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How a Cycle Count is Performed

Whiplash stores inventory in shelf locations that describe the warehouse, aisle, column and shelf. To begin an audit, warehouse staff will work from a list of all of your locations. For each location:

  • The quantity for the location will be set to zero.
  • The inventory at the location will be counted, either by hand or by scanning each unit's barcode.
  • The location will be updated with the new quantities.

An item's Available Inventory will be adjusted to reflect the changes made to an individual location. The process starts by setting the location to zero. As a result, the Available Inventory level will be artificially low for several minutes while the location is counted.

Items are often stored in multiple locations. In these cases, the item will not be considered audited until all locations for the item have been counted.

A record of the audit is attached to the item and location, so for any given location, we know when it was last audited.

Active Orders

A cycle count can only be performed if there are no orders pending against the location. For this reason, locations will occasionally be skipped and returned to after orders affecting the location have shipped. Whiplash prevents warehouse staff from auditing locations that have pending orders.

How often does Whiplash perform a cycle count (i.e., re-count inventory)?

  • Partner Facilities - There is no scheduled cycle count. Upon request, Whiplash will perform a cycle count of your inventory. Hourly Project rates apply.
  • Whiplash Facilities - Cycle counts are performed regularly. Contact support for details about your specific facility.

What do adjusted inventory levels look like?

In the summary of activity for an item, an "Adjustments" total will appear with the positive or negative change.


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