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SLA Guidelines

Order Processing

It is our goal that standard E-Commerce orders are processed and marked as shipped within one full business day. While most orders ship within that time, longer processing times should be anticipated for large retail orders or wholesale shipments. Please reach out to our Operations Team for estimated processing times on large orders, if required.

Note: Processing times for holiday shipping may vary. Accurate customer provided projections are very helpful since unpredictable order volume can contribute to significant delays.

Our goal is to ship as quickly and accurately as possible. Please note that carrier pickup times are somewhat unpredictable, meaning afternoon pickup is not always available. For this reason, Whiplash cannot guarantee pickup by a specific carrier or on a shipping method. If your order has not shipped and is past the expected processing time, please reach out to support@whiplash.com for assistance.


Expedited Shipping

Expedited Ship methods refer to any named ship method that is 2 days or faster. For example, FedEx 2 Day. Whiplash Cheapest Rate is not expedited.

Note: Priority batching is applied to Domestic Orders and expedited shipping methods with the goal of same-day shipping on orders placed before 12pm warehouse time.


Higher Volume and New Product Releases

If you're anticipating a spike in volume, we can help. Please be sure to communicate planned upticks in order volume at least 2 weeks in advance to support@whiplash.com for further assistance Failure to communicate higher than usual volume can cause significant delays in processing. 


Miscellaneous Notes

  • Orders are ready to be batched and shipped after the gestation period.
  • Once an order is batched, it's well into the processing phase. Requesting changes to the order while in processing greatly increases the probability of errors or mis-pack. Please only request these changes when absolutely necessary. 
  • Learn more about larger retail/wholesale-bound orders here.
  • For International Orders, please see our International Shipping Considerations.



Returns and Exchanges

If an order arrives to your customer with anything needing to be returned or exchanged, please follow the  Returns and Exchanges process. Once Whiplash receives a return, we'll identify the original order shipped and update it and your return notice to reflect as arrived.  Average processing time on properly prepared returns is anywhere from 3-7 full business days. This estimated time varies based on volume and excludes weekends and holidays. Pictures are not added unless you contact and will be billed at the project hourly rate.


Inbound Stock Prep

To keep things moving as quickly and smoothly as possible, be sure that all incoming shipments are properly addressed. The SN number incorporated on either a Ship Notice or Return Address should be in place. Properly preparing your products will greatly reduce delays in receiving. 


Receiving Ship Notices

Facilities have 24 business hours to mark a ship notice as Arrived. Once received, a standard inbound Ship Notice takes an average of 2-3 full business days to process, excluding weekends or holidays. If a shipment contains a large number of different SKUs or variants, arrives via freight, or requires project work, total receiving time will be impacted. If you have a larger shipment and would like an estimate on the anticipated receiving time, our team is happy to help. Please reach out to Customer Support at support@whiplash.com.


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