Liability and Over/Under Charging

Leslie Karr
Leslie Karr
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Whiplash will reimburse customers that are over-billed only in the event Whiplash is found to be responsible for the issue that caused over-billing. 


Liability Window

All billing transactions are accepted as final after being undisputed for a period of 30 days from the original transaction.

In cases where Whiplash must perform an audit to confirm the accuracy of billed transactions, the date the potential discrepancy was reported will be used to determine the start of the 30 day liability window.  



For errors in Whiplash's favor, credits equal to the value of the error will be issued for transactions that occurred within the Liability Window.



Carrier costs are billable up to 120 days retroactively due to the nature in which surcharges and fees are added after the fact.


Shipping Errors

When Whiplash mis-ships a package, we will gladly refund the cost of Pick, Pack, Packaging, and Postage. Unfortunately, Whiplash is unable to compensate for the cost of the inventory, regardless of fault.


Weights and Measures

Customers are responsible for verifying that the products they are selling list proper weights and dimensions. Whiplash cannot be held responsible for any fees charged to customers for excess postage due to inaccurate weights or measurements.


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