Create a Full Transfer or Exit Order

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This guide will help you create an Order for all the Inventory on your account. Please contact Support if you have any questions or need help. 

Note: Exit orders are billed at standard pick and pack rates. Please see your user agreement for more information on account termination. 


Make sure that your account has a positive balance and a billable card on file to cover your final order charges.

You can check the status of your account billing by going to your statements, which will show a balance in the top left corner.

If you need to add or modify the card on file, you can do so by clicking on your Account Name in the top right and navigating to "Preferences". This will land you on your "General" tab.

Scroll down and on the left hand side, under "Billing",  you will see the option to "Update Credit Cards".

Change your return address so that any orders that ship out will be returned to the correct location.

To modify the return address, navigate to your "Preferences" page. Select the "Returns" tab. 


Edit the address to your new address and click "Save Changes".

Once all orders have shipped, you will want to create an order for all remaining inventory.

Be sure to check that you have no pending Returns or Ship Notices in the app before creating your Exit Order. Please contact Support if you need help completing any past due/incomplete Ship Notices or Returns.


To create an order that includes all the inventory, please follow the steps here:

Download a CSV of all current inventory by navigating to your "Inventory" tab in the top menu bar. You will then make sure you have "All" selected in the left hand side bar. Then, click on "Download CSV" and select "Inventory".



Once the CSV has downloaded, open the CSV and look at the items that are "Qty On Shelf" to get an accurate count.


Cancel any pending, processing, paused, or insufficient orders.

Then, create your order using the SKU from your CSV for the same number you see under "Qty On Shelf".

Once all the items showing "Qty On Shelf" have been added, repeat the process above to verify that all items are currently in your order and "Qty On Shelf" is now showing 0's for all items.

If you are seeing discrepancies, please look at pending, processing, paused and insufficient orders that may cause the numbers to be off.

To complete this order, please follow the Large Order Process.


Contact us to Complete Closure.

When the order has shipped, you will get a shipping confirmation to the email used on the exit order. Please contact us once you have received your stock to settle any remaining balance/credits and complete your account closure.

Note: We cannot complete closure unless you have informed us your stock has been returned. Until closure is complete, you are still responsible for all minimum storage fees.


Outstanding Charges or Unused Credit

Outstanding charges

Prior to releasing inventory, outstanding charges must be paid in full along with your final exit order. Costs for the final return of inventory must be paid in advance.  Please note: An exit order is charged in the same fashion as any other order.

Unused credit

If a credit remains after inventory has been returned and no further services are required, Whiplash will issue a refund for any remaining positive balance in the form originally used for payment. If it is not possible to refund on the original payment method, Whiplash will issue a check.


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