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What's a template?

If it comes out of a printer, odds are good it was generated using a Whiplash Template. It's now possible to create unlimited Templates for different versions of things like Packing Slips, Email Confirmations, and Carton Contents Labels.

Templates support HTML/CSS, EPL, and ZPL files. You can find them in the upper-right menu.

Create a copy of one of the defaults, and start customizing!

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GS1 labels and templates are supported for customers with an eZCom integration. See GSI Label Overview for more information.

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Use cases

Currently, it's possible to create and edit Templates for Packing Slips and Email Confirmation. 
  • Applying a different Packing Slip template for certain types of Orders with a Rule
  • Using a retailer-compliant ZPL file for carton contents labels
  • Turning the Packing Slip into a Bill of Lading for wholesale

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Templates and Rules are powerful, flexible logic engines—combining them can make your Whiplash account as flexible as the rest of your business. 
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Common questions

What happened to my old packing slips and email confirmations?

We put your existing templates into our new infrastructure. The files are still there, but they have a new home. The old pages in Preferences take you where you need to be.

What kinds of things can go in templates?

For HTML templates, this doc is a good resource. If you're writing in ZPL, those variables will work.

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