January 7, 2020

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
  • Updated
  • It is no longer possible to un-batch partially packed orders without admin permissions.
  • return_company will now be used on shipping labels, when present.
  • User login invites are no longer sent upon account creation by default.
  • Packing orders with many items is now faster.
  • A bug preventing password resets has been fixed.
  • A potential bug related to item quantity and releasing unshipped orders has been fixed.
  • release_unshipped! is now a bulk action available to Facility Staff and Manager users.
  • We now only sync originators with active shops, and enforce item update uniqueness.
  • We will now display the reason for reconciling inventory, if one is found.
  • Packages and Manifests are now supported in the V2 API.
  • Seed data for demo and development environments is now more useful.
  • Several gems are now more secure.
  • Projects can now be deleted more consistently after a bug fix.
  • Facility billing views and "Unexpected item" audit interfaces now have improved look and feel.
  • Admin billing views now have updated styles and messaging.
  • Phantom errors on select fields now occur much less frequently.