July 7, 2020

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
  • Updated
  • Scan-Based Receiving now respects the account "Automatically manage Process Orders" setting.
  • It's now possible to print a Bill of Lading from any Order's Details page by expanding the Print Packing Slip button.
  • Admins can now access a Location Bulk Action to populate Lot Control data.
  • Unfulfillable and Unfulfillable Each Unit are now strategies for the "Separate" rule action.
  • Scancodes are now case insensitive.
  • Fill-type packaging Items are now always declared as weighing 0.01lbs.
  • There is no longer a limit for the number of line items in a single Fulfillment to Shopify (it was previously 25).
  • Carrier Accounts now feature toggles to indicate whether Electronic Trade Documents have been supplied to the carrier.