October 13, 2020

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
  • Updated
  • Locations can now be combined with a full bin-to-bin transfer, called a Location Merge. Read more here.
  • Shopify can now be configured to sync only necessary quantity adjustments. Read more here.
  • Lot-controlled items can now mix in a Location if they are Damaged and from different Lots.
  • Partner-level Users can now Reprint Labels from the gray "button train" on an Order Details page.
  • Meta Keys are now supported for Item and Ship Notice Items.
  • Meta Keys can now be used as Search Filters for Orders and Ship Notices as a "Contains Items" option.
  • Meta Values are now displayed, when present, on Item Details under the "more" menu.
  • Ship Notices can now be searched by Reference, ETA, and Sender fields.
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements.
  • Location names are now force-capitalized, preventing lowercased Locations from being last on pick lists.
  • Staff can now use the "Convert to Pickable" bulk action.
  • A Customs Signer can now be manually entered in Preferences, and defaults to the primary billing contact.