Webstore Inventory Level is Wrong

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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This article is when the Webstore inventory level is wrong. If the Whiplash level is wrong, see Whiplash Inventory Level is Wrong

  1. Is Whiplash's Available Quantity level correct on Item Details?
  2. Is the Published Quantity correct?
    Note: Published Quantity = Available Quantity + Quantity of Published Ship Notice Items.
  3. Is the item connected to the webstore?
    Open the hidden panel, and check the list Originators. The customer's webstore should be listed as an originator. If the store you're expecting isn't listed, follow the Link Item to Webstore instructions [Link needed].
  4. Click on [Webstore] Quantity Comparison to take a live reading of the webstore vs. Whiplash. If the numbers match, Whiplash is in sync and the problem is with the webstore.
  5. Are the item's Rules in alignment with Process Orders?
  6. Are the Customer settings set to send automatic inventory updates?
  7. If all steps have failed, Contact Technical Support.