Creating Orders

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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Ways to create Orders

Integrated shops

If you're using Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Bandcamp, or WooCommerce—among others—to power your shop, orders can by imported directly into Whiplash in real-time.


You can create orders one at a time once logged in from Orders → Create New. If you'd like to reserve inventory for an order but not ship it yet, just pause the order once it's been placed.

File Import

Import Orders here. Templates are included on the page.


Order-Per-Row (default)

Up to 25 SKUs per order as columns. Best for large groups of simple orders.


SKU-Per-Row (select Line per SKU importer)

Unlimited SKUs per order as rows, united by a required Order ID field. Best for large orders.

Accepts meta keys, formatted as "order_meta_<meta_key_here>" or "order_item_meta_<meta_key_here>". For example, "order_meta_gift_note" or "order_item_meta_quantity_uom".



If you're tech savvy or require the flexibility of Web Hooks, the API could be your best friend. You can create orders from inside your own application. This could be based on actions your customers take or an automated script to send rewards to groups of clients.