Ecommerce Platform: Syncing Inventory

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Whiplash will attempt to sync inventory level to each E-Commerce platform associated with an item. For most integrations, this happens with web hooks in real time.

You can turn off inventory syncing between Whiplash and individual stores/platforms by going to your integration settings.



Standard Setup for New Customers

  • Inventory levels only sync for items we've received—we won't zero out items we've imported but not received.
  • Inventory levels start syncing as we receive items.

This is achieved with the settings below: Automatically Sync Inventory levels when Items are set to "Process Orders". Whiplash handles the Process Orders setting based on item availability.




Item Overrides

It's possible to adjust behavior or turn sync off for a particular item from the Rules tab of the item's Details page. The setting on the item level will take precedence over the setting on the customer level.


The Sync Inventory options are as follows: Item_Details__Im_a_source_location_item_6.png

  • Customer Default - This is the default option. Customer default will respect your default "Sync Inventory" setting in the Customer Preferences page (General tab).
  • Never - Inventory syncs will not be triggered. This will also affect "publishing quantities" to your shop during ship notices.
  • Always - Inventory syncs will always be triggered. (Warning: Shopify may rate limit us if you have many items set to "Always" and this can lead to inventory discrepancy issues between Whiplash and Shopify)
  • Only when item is set to Process Orders - Inventory syncs will only be triggered if the item has "Process Orders" on. The "Process Orders" setting is located under the "Orders" tab of an item:


Bulk Action

If you need to sync in bulk, create a "Search" with the Items you would like to sync. Select "Bulk Action" and click on "Sync Inventory".


For bulk updating the "Inventory Sync" settings, we can update the setting for multiple items through the "Set Sync Inventory Notifications" bulk action.




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