Issues with In Transit Orders

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Sonnia Cisneros
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Delayed, Lost or Damaged Shipments

Whiplash is responsible for contacting carriers and submitting claims when packages shipped under Whiplash owned parcel accounts are delayed, lost, or damaged in transit. Please communicate with us by emailing us or using the widget available in app.

Unfortunately, Whiplash will be unable to assist in reaching out to carriers in the case of delayed, lost, or damaged packages when not shipped under Whiplash owned parcel accounts since only the owner will be able to initiate these requests.

Note: If the parcel account is owned by a third party, you will be required to create a login account for each carrier you ship with before you are able to make your first claim. Be sure to save the account login details (username and password) for any claims thereafter. Doing so ensures that communication on the status of your claim is visible to your company at all times.  This will also allow payment to made to your company directly, instead of credited back to Whiplash.

**This account is created for claims access only and does not create a shipping account with the carrier. Parcel account number is not required for claims using any of the links below once you have created your own unique login**



We recommend you insure your shipment. If shipments are not insured there, there is not much recourse.


Best Practice

Contact the carrier if tracking does not progress and replace the order.

  • Start your claim with FedEx here.
  • Report a missing package with UPS here
  • Start your claim with USPS here. If in need to intercept a package shipped via USPS thru our label provider Shippo, please reach out directly to their support team at They will be able to process the request for you.
  • Start your claim with Asendia here

Undeliverable or Return to Sender

Occasionally, customers refuse packages or address information is incorrect. This results in a package being "Returned to Sender (RTS)" or marked as "Undeliverable".  If we receive a tracking notification, we will automatically create and process a Return. If we don't, we'll process it as an "Unexpected Return". These are usually very easy to receive because the package wasn't opened so it's highly traceable.

FedEx and DHL require confirmation of an RTS request, which can be costly. We'll pass along carrier communications if they come our way, so you can choose to either abandon the package or request a return.


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