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Josh Chamberlain
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Sync Bandcamp with Whiplash

On Bandcamp

1. Give access to your merch management page.

Merchandise management page


2. Whiplash staff will receive an email and accept the invitation to your store.

3. You'll enable SKUs on your Bandcamp account by emailing Bandcamp.

4. Once SKUs are enabled, assign a SKU to each item.

Note: Only check the country boxes under "The partner fulfills orders sent from" for which you have inventory that is managed by Whiplash. Checking other countries will result in Whiplash sending a zero quantity value for those countries.

If you'd like Whiplash to fulfill from multiple origins, you'll need to add the origins to your settings (under Profile) first:

Add multiple shipping origins 

On the Whiplash Side

5. Head to, select Bandcamp, and enter your Bandcamp subdomain:

6. Select whether you want to import Items (almost always YES) and Orders (typically NO).

Import your Data page

Once your items have the same SKUs in Bandcamp and Whiplash, and Whiplash has accepted the invitation to your store, orders will begin showing up in Whiplash immediately.


If Bandcamp changes any SKUs in step 3, you can change them in Whiplash and Bandcamp to make sure they match. In Whiplash, find the Item, click "Details", and change the SKU.

Note: Changing Shipping Origins in Bandcamp resets or changes the partner access and disconnects the Bandcamp store.