Estimated Postage

Sonnia Cisneros
Sonnia Cisneros
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Why Postage Charges Change Over Time

Every major carrier provides Estimated Postage, which is what Whiplash charges at the time of shipment. The charges for each package can change during shipment (in most cases, by a few cents).
Historically, Whiplash has taken on the risk, passed along Estimated Postage, and left it at that. As we grow, the cost we bill up front diverges more every day from the cost on the invoice.

Fee Adjustments can happen for a variety of reasons, from changing fuel surcharges to mid-shipment delivery address changes.

How Changes Are Billed

We are now going to make adjustments as we receive and process carrier invoices. We will apply the charge to each order, where they will appear in your billing statements as reconciliation charges. We can provide a CSV file of adjustments upon request.

By keeping these costs transparent, our goal is to work with our users to track, diagnose, and reduce the fees over time.

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