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Fulfilling orders placed on Amazon

We don't yet have a direct Amazon integration, but we have tools that can allow you to integrate your Amazon order stream with our platform.


We don't integrate directly with Amazon, but Shopify does. By integrating with Shopify, we can funnel all the orders into Whiplash totally hands-free. We also integrate with Stitch Labs, for powerful multi-channel fulfillment capabilities. Check out the rest of our integrations here.

Seller Fulfilled Prime

We don't have this certification yet—if you'd like to be kept in the loop on our roadmap, let us know.

Shipments to Amazon FBA facilities

Bulk shipments

With our logic on cases and cartons combined with simple bulk order placements, we can efficiently connect the dots between you and your FBA customers.

Label attachment

Client is responsible for uploading/attaching appropriate files for carton labels, pallet label(s), Bill of Lading, and any additional associated documents required for the 'Whiplash Pickup' order. Carrier/class must be set to "Whiplash Customer Provided Label" or "Whiplash Pickup".

Printing and attaching Amazon-generated labels and invoices

We'll print off and apply carton labels to the outer face of each carton in the shipment, wrap the completed pallet in shrink-wrap, and apply a pallet label to the entire wrapped pallet when applicable.

Associated costs

We'll charge our standard project rate. A Label Attachment Fee of $3 is applicable for each attached document pertaining to the Amazon shipment.

Some notes on the above (for warehouse to note):

To prep and ship to an Amazon FBA center:

  • Final pallet dimensions must not exceed 48"x48"x72"
  • Every unit in the shipment needs a UPC + FNSKU labels
  • Each carton needs a carton label (either UPS/FedEx or LTL Label) applied to the outer face of the carton- generated by amazon, applied by us
  • Client must provide the warehouse a BOL (Bill of Lading) based on the final pallet count and dimensions/weights of each pallet. BOL must be printed and handed to the truck driver at the time of pickup
  • Client must coordinate the Freight Pickup and communicate that time/date with the facility so the warehouse knows when to have the shipment ready to dispatch
  • Ensure that the carrier/class is set to 'Whiplash Customer Provided Label' or 'Whiplash Pickup'