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Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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You can access all of your exported, imported, and snapshot files by clicking on the Files link in the Whiplash Nav.


Inventory Snapshots

Whiplash automatically generates a snapshot of your current inventory every day at midnight in the timezone for each warehouse in which you have stock. Snapshots feature Expired, Pickable, Backstock, and Misc (damaged + missing + transfer + reserved) stock.

inventory_snapshot_dates_and_time_zone.pngSnapshot Date and Timezone exported

If you've got stock in both New Jersey and California, we'll generate two snapshots—one at 12am Eastern and one at 12am Pacific.


When you import a file, you can access the original import file at any time in the Imports tab, for reference.


All of your manually generated exports are available in the Exports tab. Additionally, you've got tabs separating Order exports, Inventory exports, and Invoice Exports.