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Yes, we can ship your Kickstarter campaign rewards! We ship internationally and can import bulk orders from Backerkit, no problem. We can only ship for crowdfunding campaigns with a minimum of 20,000 outgoing parcels.

How It Works

  • You'll need to decide how much to charge your backers for shipping. We can help you estimate the postage to ship to regions where you expect to have the most backers. Drop us a line.
  • Run a successful campaign with more rewards than our minimum. Congratulations!
  • Work with us to finalize facility placement and strategy.
  • Send us your stuff, or have your manufacturer send it to us directly. It'll take us 2–3 days to count in your inventory and be ready to ship.
  • Upload a CSV of your orders.
  • We'll send out the rewards. Keep an eye out for your backers' unboxing videos.
  • Place a manual order for any leftover inventory and we'll send it back to you or get it ready for your freight carrier. You won't pay any storage if you don't have any inventory stored with us at the end of the month!

What to Charge Your Backers

Before your campaign, you need to know how to price your shipping and handling for each reward tier. Kickstarter allows you to charge your backers different shipping and handling rates based on their country.
Here's our guide to estimating postage.

Long story short: you can set the pricing for each reward tier and geographic location by adding up estimated postage + pick and pack fees + packaging


For your monthly volume tier, we'll use the total number of rewards we will need to ship.

We'll charge you for 50% of your expected spend in advance, and the remaining 50% when your account balances reaches zero as we ship out orders. Any left over is returned upon completion of the campaign shipments, when you close your account. Any other payments required are paid as normal billings while we still hold stock.

Can Whiplash prepay customs fees for international shipments?
No. Your customers will be responsible for paying customs fees on shipments to foreign countries. Depending on your order volume, it may make sense to use international facilities so you can avoid this.

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