Shipping Vinyl Records- Whiplash LP Mailer

Yasmine Adams
Yasmine Adams
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The Whiplash LP Mailer is a premium-quality, dedicated mailer for shipping Vinyl Records. It's sturdy, it's strong, and it can take any abuse that a journey to your customers might present, while keeping its contents—the delicate Record Jacket and your precious Vinyl Record—in pristine condition. 

It is stocked in our Michigan facilities only and comes at a premium price to any other standard media or vinyl-record packaging products. We also carry LP Mailers in the United Kingdomsee below for details). 

If you'd like to utilize the Whiplash LP Mailer to ship out your next vinyl record or media project, please reach out to to inquire and we'll be happy to discuss! 

Note: For an additional fee, we can dispatch the LP Mailer to our non-Michigan facilities to handle your request. We must pay extra to freight-ship them to any location that is not our Ann Arbor, MI or Ypsilanti, MI location and that freight fee must be passed on.


  • Anywhere from 1-10 Vinyl Records can fit in the mailer, depending on the thickness, height, and the bulkiness of the jacket. You can squeeze more minimally sized 180-gram single vinyl units than you can a Deluxe 3xLP box set!
  • The dimensions of the baseboard of the mailer is 13"x13", so any standard sized LP will fit.
  • The wings of the mailer are perforated at 4 different heights, making it multi-depth with a max height up to 1.25"

Action Shots!


LP Mailer V3:

Large LP Mailer:


United Kingdom Vinyl Record Mailer

Our Milton-Keynes, UK facility is stocked with the Whiplash LP Mailer, as pictured below, which is used to ship records wherein the record is wrapped with a corrugated paper wrapping material to protect the record inside the Mailer.

Whiplash Mailer UK:


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