Understand specific exports

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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  • Inventory
    Scoped by Warehouse and listed by SKU. 
    Includes Available and On Shelf quantity by default, with options for Reserved and Inbound stock as well as Lot details.
  • Inventory Adjustments
    Scoped by a pair of dates and listed by Adjustment Time. 
    Includes SKU, Location, and Quantities Expected, Actual, and Adjusted
  • Inventory Movement
    Scoped by a pair of dates and listed by SKU. 
    Includes Quantities Received, Shipped, Returned, and Adjusted for each item over the date range.
  • Allocations
    Improved  accuracy over Inventory Movement report for dates after March 1, 2020
    Scoped by a pair of dates.
    Includes item_id, sku, title, start_date, end_date, total_change, ShipnoticeItem, OrderBatchItem, OrderItem, LocationTransfer, LocationAudit, NoOwner, Other

Inventory terminology

  • Reserved = items in open orders
  • On Shelf = Physical count across all locations
    This gets decremented as orders are batched, since we don’t have a picked status for paper picking.
  • Available = On ShelfReserved
    This gets decremented as orders come in.
  • Inbound = Returns + Ship Notices
    This does not require ship notices and returns to be published.
  • Projected & Published = Available + Published Ship Notices & Returns
    If this is positive, it means there are enough floating around in incoming returns plus ship notices that you can ship all outstanding orders with the stock remaining.

  1. Item ABC has 5 units
  2. 4 Orders come in for 1 unit of ABC each
  3. Available = 1 and syncs to Shop
  4. On Shelf = 5

Takeaway: Projected, Inbound, and Available are the best way to track up-to-the-moment numbers.


  • Whiplash
    Listed by Order.
    Contains wide spread of metadata with options for shipping rates, fees, and metadata. Max of 100 rows for Compare Shipping Rates.
  • Package Detail
    Listed by Order Item.
    Contains package ID, tracking, shipping method, dimensions, and other data with optional EDI fields.
  • Whiplash Custom
    Accepts a comma-separated list of columns. Possible columns are: (perhaps a link to the API doc for the inventory table?)
  • Quote
    Compares rates for the Orders in the current search in a matrix based on your selections. Max of 100 total rows.