August 19, 2020

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
  • Updated
  • Item Update imports now accept a wider array of properties as columns. Read more here.
  • "Whiplash Cheapest N Days in Transit" shipping methods are now selectable on individual Orders.
  • order_type can now be set during manual Order Import. Read more here.
  • Single-package orders now use Easypost Shipments, as opposed to Orders.
  • A new Item exporter, Allocations, is now available.
  • When Rules which set Shipping Method are skipped, they now create an entry in the Order History.
  • Voided and re-shipped Orders now update Shopify, even after the 15-minute window.
  • User Alerts no longer have a character limit.
  • Our API docs are now improved.