Serial Number Capture

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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A serial number is a unique string of characters (numbers, letters, and symbols) that is used to identify a particular product/unit

Certain products require serial numbers to be input upon shipping. This is not required by default, and must be turned on.


You can activate serial number capture on an individual item's Lot Control tab, or activate it account-wide on the Lot Control tab in Preferences.

Capturing serials for cases and cartons

You can label the outside of a case or carton with a single QR code containing all the serial numbers for a given product. We need a QR code that has individual serials separated by “~d009” or “~d013" which are tab or return characters. The QR generation software also needs to have ProcessTilde set to Yes.

Viewing Item Serials on Exported Orders

When exporting 'shipped' orders that have Serials captured against the items, you can select the option to include the Serial #'s of all the order items in your export/report.