Shopify: Troubleshooting Order or Order Item Sync Issues

Michelle Pisaneschi
Michelle Pisaneschi
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Use these steps to troubleshoot order or order item issues from Shopify. You may need to verify settings in both the Whiplash and Shopify apps to determine the cause of the issue.

General Troubleshooting

Does the item exist in Whiplash, and does the variant ID match? Find your Variant ID.


Whiplash Troubleshooting

In Whiplash, navigate to "Preferences" and select the "Shops" tab to verify this setting only lists Whiplash: 



Shopify Troubleshooting

  • In Shopify, is Whiplash listed as an app under location settings?

Go to Settings → Locations → App locations to verify that Whiplash is listed as an app.


  • In Shopify, does the Default Location contain the word, "Whiplash"? If yes, the integration may not be able to distinguish the default location from the fulfillment service app. 

Update the Default Location so the text does not contain Whiplash.

Example: Ryder warehouse


  • In Shopify, was the product's variant set to be fulfilled by Whiplash before the order was placed?

Go to Products → Variants → Inventory to ensure that the Whiplash app is assigned to the item and there is available inventory in the Whiplash App Location.


If you maintain inventory in more than one location:
You will need to make sure your routing rules are set up correctly to prioritize Whiplash as the fulfillment location.

If the wrong location is listed, you can change it for any existing orders individually or by bulk action. You also may need to re-import the order or order lines in Whiplash after you change the location in Shopify.

  • In Shopify, was the product's variant set to "require shipping" before the order was placed? 

Go to Products → Variants to verify the Shipping option is checked.


  • In Shopify, was the item marked as fulfilled before being shipped by Whiplash? 

Go to Settings → Checkout → Order Processing to verify that "Automatically archive the order" is not checked.

Shopify-order processing2.png


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