Shopify orders not marked fulfilled or missing tracking info

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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There are a few reasons why Whiplash may fail to mark all or some of your order items fulfilled in Shopify:

  1. Some settings in Shopify may be incorrect
  2. The order or some of its items may have been added to the order manually
  3. Some settings in Whiplash may be incorrect

1. Shopify Settings

One of the most common reasons for a line item within your Shopify order to fail to be marked as "fulfilled" is because Shopify is configured to automatically fulfill line items.

To disable this setting, in Shopify, go to Settings → Checkout. Please make sure the setting is set to not automatically fulfill line items.

2. Orders and Order Items Created Manually

When orders are created via Whiplash or items are added to an order created in Shopify, Whiplash is unable to mark the items as fulfilled in Shopify. This also results in the order not receiving tracking information.

If one of your Shopify orders is missing an item, please contact support and we can re-import the order so that all of the Shopify connections remain intact. We hope to offer a way to this via Whiplash soon.

3. Whiplash Settings

If your settings were already configured correctly in Shopify, please check your Customer Preferences in Whiplash to ensure this setting is checked:


Additionally, for your shop settings, please make sure this option is turned on: