Hazmat/Dangerous Goods

Heather Haleen
Heather Haleen
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Settings in Whiplash

We have an item-level details setting for "Hazmat" which can be set to "No", "ORMD", or "Lithium", as defined in Easypost's Shipment Options docs.

Navigate to an Items "Details" tab, click "More", and scroll down to "Hazmat": 

Legacy Settings

The old "Contains small batteries" settings points to Lithium; the old "Hazmat = Yes" setting points to ORMD, which has always been true.

Bulk Updates and Search

In any Inventory search, Bulk ActionsHazmat allows you to change Inventory in bulk; Hazmat Type is a searchable term. Go make some rules!

Carrier Options

Generally speaking, Hazmat = ground only. When you're building out your rule set, it's best to proactively select ground shipping methods for Hazmat items.

Things go much better when whitelisting a short list of approved Shipping Methods for dangerous goods. Expedited shipping is usually not an option.

Make sure that you have your ORMD stickers ready and rules set for any of these goods. You will also need a Surface Stamp. You can purchase these from Uline if needed. 


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