Bundles and Kits

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Heather Haleen
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A Bundle is an item representing a set of items to be grouped and shipped together.

Creating Product Bundles is useful when you sell a set of items, but you also sell the items individually. Creating a bundle allows us to keep the inventory flexible so we can ship the items as they are sold individually, or as a set. In most cases, it's simplest to use Whiplash bundles as a replacement for your e-commerce platform's bundle feature/plugin.

How to Create a Bundle

Bundles are their own item. Let's say you designed and developed a line of 3-pint glasses, which come in a bundle. In this case, there are 4 SKUs:

  • PINT-1
  • PINT-2
  • PINT-3

To set this up, we'll need to create a Bundle, or set of these three cups, with the following process:

  1. Create the bundle item in your store or manually if you haven't already.

  2. Navigate to the item representing your Bundle—something with a SKU like PINT-BUNDLE.

  3. Click on the "Rules" tab, and mark the item as a bundle:
  4. Click "Update Item". 
  5. Search for items and add them to the Bundle.

You can now sell both the individual units and the bundle without committing inventory into any one configuration.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Inventory availability is determined by the item in the bundle with the lowest quantity available.


Screenshot_2023-01-11_102601.jpg     Screenshot_2023-01-11_102735.jpg


  • When a bundle is ordered, it is converted into its children items automatically. The children items can be changed or removed, just like any order. 
  • If you adjust constituent items of a bundle, this will not affect the contents of any existing orders containing that bundle.

What About Kitting?

If you're planning to sell a larger set of products in a kit, it can be more cost-effective to prepack the items into their shipping boxes. We'll store them that way. When they're ordered, you only pay the per package fee without any additional picks.

This is also a great way to handle subscription boxes or complex packages with stickers or a precise packing order.

We charge an hourly rate for this service. Please reach out to our Customer Support team if you'd like to start a Project to turn items into prepacked kits!


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