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Shopify's Locations feature allows you to specify multiple shipping origins for your Products. If you have Products that ship from specific warehouses or retailers, you can use Locations to get more accurate shipping rates, and to ensure Products ship from the intended origin.

Shopify configurations are required at both the shop level and variant level to ensure Whiplash receives the order items required for us to ship.

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Locations and Whiplash

A few items to note about Shopify Locations and Whiplash:

  • Whiplash syncs inventory to only one locationnot one location at a time. This location is an App location in Shopify.
  • With only one location, Whiplash displays inventory totals for each product that are sum totals of the stock across all our facilities.

Example: Whiplash will not be able to tell you how much inventory is available at the Columbus warehouse vs. the City of Industry warehouse.

  • Whiplash handles the routing and which warehouse will be used to ship each order. See Shipping from Multiple Warehouses
  • Shopify requires a Default location. We recommend that you do not include 'Whiplash' in the location name because it can create conflicts with the App Location in the integration.

Shopify shop-level location setup

Use Shopify’s routing rules to rank your fulfillment locations appropriately. If Whiplash is your primary location, then you’ll need to configure Whiplash as your top location.

1. In Shopify, go to Settings > Shipping and Delivery > Order Routing.


2. Click Manage.


3. Add Whiplash as the top location on the Manage rule page.



Shopify variant-level location setup

Use the steps below in Shopify to configure Whiplash as an eligible location for the product variants that Whiplash ships. You’ll complete this process for each variant individually.

If you have many product variants to configure at one time, use Shopify’s product CSV file import and the Variant Fulfillment Service column. See Shopify Integration Setup for specific instructions on using the product CSV file / Product Tool Import.
Note: Shopify’s inventory CSV file cannot add new custom app locations and variants. It should only be used to update inventory quantities in existing locations and remove locations.

1. Under Products > Variants > (select a variant).

2. Assign Whiplash as the app location for each variant (item) and verify the inventory levels. This is critical for Whiplash to receive orders.



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