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Setting Up a Large Order

When placing an order with a large quantity, our carriers are unable to estimate the final weights and dimensions to provide a rate quote. This is because the order is either over 70lbs or there are too many items for the carriers to estimate the size and weight of the shipment. You will not be able to choose your preferred Shipping Method immediately and the default will be set to Whiplash Cheapest Rate.

Please select "Customer Provided Label" to prevent your order from shipping out and provide time to get an accurate estimate of shipping costs.Screen_Shot_2021-06-24_at_10.43.24_AM.png


When there are only Whiplash Shipping Methods, it usually indicates an issue with the package dimensions or weight. In the example below, the order is 183.18 lbs. (most carriers have a limit of 60-72 lbs.).

The Order must be to be fully packed before the option to update the Shipping Method becomes available. This typically happens on larger orders in which the weight cannot be determined until the order has been fully packed. 

 If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to for additional assistance.


In-app customer provided label link: 



 Note: Estimates given on the order will not be correct until the order has been successfully packed

Once the order is Processing with the "Customer Provided Label", the order will be packed. General Processing time is 3-5 business days. The time it takes to pack an order depends largely on the number of items in the order. 

You can find the "Packed" status in the Order history, located on the bottom right corner in grey.Screen_Shot_2021-07-01_at_16.40.31.png

You can find the updates on your Shipping Rates by clicking "Customer Provided Label." Once the carriers have updated the estimates, you can choose your preferred shipping method and the order will ship out using the standard processing time for the method you selected. 

Note: If you need to bill to a 3rd party, first select the Ship Method needed and then "Edit Address" to enter the "bill to account" number, billing zip code, and billing country.

Freight Shipments

Sometimes you will need to create Freight Shipments. Whiplash does not currently support freight quotes in-app. We will load your merchandise on to a pallet and shrink wrap it for the flat rate of $25/pallet, then provide the weight and dimensions for you to arrange third-party freight transportation. 

It's important that you reach out to with an appropriate Bill of Lading (BOL) associated with the freight collection for the facility manager to hand to the pickup driver.

Please attach your BOL direct to the order by navigating to "Edit Address". Attach the BOL by clicking "Choose File", selecting "Create", clicking "Update". order_details___edit_address_page.png

Please reach out to with any questions regarding the process.

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