Location Roles

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The "base" or "default" Location Role. Batches can send pickers to these locations. Items count toward sellable stock.


Items count toward sellable stock, but are not used for picking. Backstock can be promoted to Pickable via Replenishment.
Enhanced pick efficiency—send pickers to the low shelves before the wrapped pallet of Backstock 20 feet up.


Items are in open orders, waiting to be picked. They don't contribute to sellable stock.


Pending locations don't contribute to sellable stock. Items have been received in Returns, but are Pending when there is still post-processing work to do. The only way to assign a Pending location role is if it's enabled in Customer Preferences.
This enables Returns to be completed, but their stock to not be made immediately sellable. The warehouse then has the time to recondition and re-shelve items.

This is an option as of 9/29/2020


Expired locations don't contribute to sellable stock. Items are Expired when they have Lot Control on, and are in a Lot that's past its expiration date.


Damages aren't sellable. Items enter Damaged Locations during Returns or Ship Notice receiving.

Damaged Inventory info
Facility damaged inventory receiving guide


General information about Location Roles

  • Orders can't be directly created from a Location Role; they can instead be Batched favoring a particular set of Location Roles.

  • One physical shelf could have multiple Location IDs with the same Name. For example, Location 01-AA-001-001 might have 2 units of SKUABC and a role of Pickable. When an order is placed for 1 unit of SKUABC, there are now two Location IDs with the same name. One of them is Pickable, one is Reserved. This only applies to Pickable and Reserved.

  • Inventory Exports and the Inventory Snapshot include stock levels for each role.


Roles higher on the list override those below them.
  • Damaged
  • Expired
  • Pending
  • Reserved
  • Backstock
  • Pickable