Split Orders Fulfillable Only in Multiple Warehouses

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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To automatically split orders with out of stock items, you will want to create a "Routing Rule":


1. Click  your account name in the Navigation bar and select "Rules". 


2. Select the "Routing Rules" tab and click "Create Routing Rule". 



3. Give your Rule a name and ensure that you add these settings to the "New Routing Rule" page: 

  • Set "Select Orders matching these criteria..." to "Fulfillable" and "Fulfillable ONLY in multiple warehouses".
  • Create an "Action" to "Separate" and choose "fulfillable" as the "Separation Strategy". 


4. Once confirmed that the above settings are correct, click "Save Rule".


Note: It is important to remember that this rule fires on order creation or when an order item is added or removed. If you currently have an order stuck that cannot be filled due to stock being in separate facilities, you will need to manually modify the order.

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