Manage Releases with Street Dates

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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What is Street Date?

The Street Date of a product is the day the public is allowed to receive the merchandise. Street dates are often used on album releases, where stock is produced ahead of time, and released to the public on a specific day. Orders will ship ahead of their street date, to land the order to the customer on its Street Date.

Release Orders on a Specific Date

If you've got a new product that you don't want released to your customers until a certain day, Street Dates are your answer. By assigning a street date on an item, orders for that item will be held until there is no risk of orders arriving before the date you've specified. Our default is to allow 1 day in transit for all orders.


  1. You assign a Street Date of Friday, June 21st for an item.

  2. Orders containing that item would begin shipping on Thursday, June 20th to arrive on or after the 21st.

Orders are held until all items can ship, so if an order contains both available and unavailable items, the order will be held until all items are available.

You can assign the Street Date for an item on the item's page under the Details tab.

Staggered Shipments for Timed Arrival

If you would like Whiplash to send orders to some destinations sooner than the day before release so they will all arrive on the same date, this will require some manual intervention on our part. We'll work with carriers and analyze your order data to Set Days in Transit for your orders in bulk. This will allow some orders to ship sooner than others, depending on their destination.

To set this up, contact us well in advance of a large preorder and our operations team will walk you through it.

Best Practices

  • Contact us for any large release.

  • Set Street Dates for items before they arrive. Setting them at the same time as creating a Ship Notice is a good idea.