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Inventory publishing default

By default, inventory is automatically published to your online shop once the items are received in the warehouse and put on the shelf. This step also automatically adjusts your Available Inventory.

You don't need to click Publish or take any action.

Lightbulb-1.pngFollowing the default is strongly recommended to help ensure accurate inventory counts.

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Publishing Inventory early

There may be times when you want to publish your inventory ahead of time – so it appears in your shop before it’s received in the warehouse and put on the shelf. This could be useful if you want to sell inventory during a certain time period.

You have two options on the Ship Notice details page:

Warning.png  If you publish early, you must be confident in the quantities of your incoming merchandise. If there is less inventory than expected, you run the risk of some orders not being able to ship and being placed in an insufficient inventory status. See Pre-Order and Insufficient Inventory for details.


Option 1:  Publish quantity for individual line items on a ship notice



Option 2:  Publish/unpublish all inventory for an entire ship notice


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