Create Wholesale Orders

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Josh Chamberlain
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Create Orders

Meta Fields


Sometimes retailers or labeling processes require metadata not typically stored with ecommerce orders. You can use Meta Fields to attach this data to Orders and Order Items. Meta Fields can then be accessed by Templates and the API for downstream activity, such as labels and integrations.

Meta Fields

These pre-created Meta Fields are built-in, and often apply. Use only those required by the retailer.


Meta Key Data Type




shipping_window_closes_on String
shipping_window_opens_on String
purchase_order_date Date
fob_pay_code String
trading_partner_id String

Order Item

Meta Key Data Type
shipping_department String
vendor_part_number String
buyer_part_number String
gtin String
upc String
mark_for String

Process to create Orders

1. Identify which properties are important.

Make a table that looks something like this:

Property Rules / Batching Carton Labels Routing
UPC - needed -
mark_for needed needed needed
etc etc etc etc


2. Create Meta Fields

This process is described here.


3. Create Test Orders

CSV Upload

Upload a file like the "Line Per SKU Order Importer" attached below to the Order Importer—be sure to select the Line per SKU importer.

All the rows get combined into one order. To import multiple Orders with the same CSV, you need to add an Order # to each line belonging to an Order.



Reference this article if you don't yet know how to use Meta Fields with the API.