Print GS1 Labels for retailer Orders

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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GS1 labels are required for shipping goods to most retailers. Whiplash supports multiple GS1 templates, and therefore multiple retailers.

Who's responsible?

Whiplash does not have in-house GS1 expertise. If you're stuck, reach out to our Support team—we can recommend a third party.

Set the GS1 Label on Orders

  1. Add your GS1 Company Prefix to the field in General Preferences.
  2. Create a GS1 label template on the Customer Account.
  3. Use a Bulk Action or Rule to "Set GS1 template" at the Order level to apply the appropriate Templates to your orders.
  4. Use the API or CSV upload to create orders with wholesale metadata. GS1 labels rely on properties we don't store by default in Whiplash.
  5. A GS1 label will be applied to each outbound carton.