Freight Pick Up shipping method

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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Create Orders

Typically Freight orders are created via CSV upload. Learn more about Wholesale and Retail order creation here.

Freight Pick Up shipping method

Whiplash Freight Pick Up can be selected on creation, or assigned after the fact. This method causes a Pick Up label to be printed with the Order ID. Additional retailer or freight-specific labels must be generated separately and attached to the Order. Screen_Shot_2021-06-22_at_10.22.50_AM.png


Freight Pick Up (and Whiplash Pick Up, for rare local pickups) display "Waiting for Pickup" at the end of Packing, once all labels have been printed. This is in place of Shipped, still status 300.

Facility Staff and Managers can use the "Mark Picked Up" button to cause the Order to the status 325, Picked Up.


Orders can also be marked Picked Up via Bulk Action. Marking Orders as Picked Up is not required for all workflows.



To find Shipped and Waiting for Pick Up orders, create a search for "Shipped" status.

It's also possible to search for Picked Up orders.