Shipping Method Mapping

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Chase Salvesen
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Once you have looked over the Shipping Methods and have decided which methods best meet your shipping strategy, it is important to make sure these methods are mapped correctly. By default, your account will ship Whiplash Cheapest Rate.

You can access and change these settings at any time by going to "Shipping Methods" under  "Preferences".


Steps to Take

There are two important steps to make sure this functions as intended.

First, you need to match the text of your integration exactly when entering it into the Shopping Cart Method field.


In this example, when a customer checks out, they have the option to choose "FedEx Standard Ground (3-7 business days)" if they’d like their order to ship FedEx Ground.

Second, these need to be set across US/UK/Canada if you are shipping from multiple facilities.

Note: Whatever shipping method you offer in your shopping cart needs to match an Official Method in Whiplash.



The most common mistake made is that the Shipping Method name passed from your shopping cart does not match the "Shopping Cart Method" in the Whiplash application. These must match exactly for the requested shipping method to be selected.

For example: If you offer "Free Shipping",  "Free Shipping" would be listed as a Shopping Cart Method and an "Official Method" must be chosen (this would likely be a budget method or "Whiplash Cheapest Tracked").

If you offer "Expedited Shipping" you must specify the Shipping Method set up in your shopping cart and then assign a specific Shipping Method or time bound rate group (usually a faster service, such as FedEx 2 day) in Whiplash.

Choosing specific Shipping Methods is the best way to standardize the methods used for your customers.  However, each service has its strengths and weaknesses.  By choosing a specific Shipping Method, you agree to using such Shipping Method even when other options may be available, potentially at a lower cost and improved performance. To take advantage of the lowest costs, consider using rate shop groups that are time bound, such as "Whiplash Cheapest 2 Days or Better".


How to Blacklist a Ship Method

This is also where you can set up a Blacklisting of any Ship Method you do not wish to use. We cannot guarantee the availability of any ship method at the time of shipment. If the Ship Method you have chosen is not available at the time an order is shipped, or if the order is incompatible with the chosen Ship Method, by default, we will ship Whiplash Cheapest Rate using a non-blacklisted service.

You can set your Blacklisted Methods by navigating to "Preferences" and selecting the "Shipping Methods" tab and scrolling down to the "Blacklisted Methods" dropdowns:


These also need to be set across US/UK/Canada if you are shipping from multiple Facilities, and to International and Canada Destinations from each origin Facility.


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