March 30, 2021

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
  • Updated
  • Freight Pick Up Orders now have distinct statuses for "Ready for Pick Up" and "Picked Up." Read more here.
  • The "Create Batches" button has been removed. All Batches are now created via Batching Rules or from Orders Search. Accidentally batching all Orders with one click is no longer possible.
  • Order Cancelled and Order Paused are now available as Notifications events.
  • The default Maximum and Minimum Items per Batch are now 50 and 1, respectively
  • Orders batched from specific Location Roles now feature tags and labels on Order Details, Batches Search, and Pick Lists. Read more about Location Roles here.
  • New UPS and FedEx account numbers can no longer be added from Preferences.
  • Customer names and IDs are now exposed on the Manifest Details view.
  • Bug fixes & enhancements.