Inspection Ship Notices

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Heather Haleen
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In general, Ship Notices are for receiving standard, from-the-supplier or from-an-organized-warehouse, merchandise.

Inspection Ship Notices are for cases where the goods require additional inspection.

Some examples:

  • The items aren't barcoded, or each barcode requires a double-check.
  • The items are bulk consumer returns, which don't need to be received as Returns, but need to be checked in the same way.


When Inspection is required, the Ship Notice will be charged hourly at your project rate.

Creating an Inspection Ship Notice

During creation and editing, there's a toggle for "Requires Inspection". It can be activated at any time before the Ship Notice is marked "Complete" (someone in the Warehouse clicks "Finish and Notify").

Note: Only Customers and Admins can declare that a Ship Notice requires inspection.

Receiving an Inspection Ship Notice

Receiving Staff can mark a Ship Notice for inspection any time before it's marked "Complete".

Staff should alert Managers if they suspect a Ship Notice requires additional inspection. Managers can work with Whiplash Admin or the Customer to get the Ship Notice marked appropriately before it's finalized.


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