Inspection Ship Notices

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What are inspection ship notices? 

Ship notices are used for receiving standard merchandise from a supplier or an organized warehouse. See Ship Notices for more information.

Inspection Ship Notices are used for receiving merchandise that requires additional inspection.

Some examples of items requiring additional inspection:

  • Items without barcode or items where each barcode requires double-checking.
  • Items part of bulk returns - which don't need to be received as returns, but need to be checked in the same way.

Warning.png When inspection is required, you will be charged hourly at your project rate for the time it takes to process the ship notice.

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Creating an inspection ship notice

During creation and editing, a ship notice can be marked as requiring inspection on the Ship Notice details page using:


It can be activated at any time before the ship notice is marked Complete (someone in the warehouse clicks Finish and Notify).

Lightbulb-1.png Only customers and Whiplash admins can determine that a ship notice requires inspection.

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Receiving an inspection ship notice

Ship notices that require inspection must be flagged appropriately on the Ship Notice details page.

Whiplash Receiving team members may notice a ship notice that requires inspection but has not been flagged. In this case, team members should alert their manager so the manager will work with the Customer Success team and the customer to get the ship notice marked appropriately before it's finalized.

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