Shopify Integration sync & information flow

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
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Our Shopify app creates real-time, 2-way sync of product and order details. That means that once you install our Shopify app, you'll choose what products you'd like us to fulfill. When orders come through your Shopify store, we ship them automatically. Once orders have shipped, Whiplash updates your Shopify store with tracking information, closes the order, and updates inventory. It's that easy.

Notes on Syncing

  • Whiplash syncs for the first time as each Item is Received for the first time.
  • Whiplash syncs to one Location, which is owned by our App in Shopify.
  • We only send a new quantity to Shopify when the quantity changes.
  • Archiving an order in Shopify before it's been shipped Cancels the order in Whiplash.
  • If you're sending products to Whiplash that will not be sold in your Shopify store, you can Create Items directly in Whiplash.

Information Flow

Shopify → Whiplash

Upon Install

Action Method Timing
Full Item Import Webhook Immediate



Action Method Timing
Item Creation Webhook Immediate
Item Update Webhook Immediate
Item Deletion Webhook Immediate
Order Create Webhook Immediate
Order Update Webhook Immediate
Account Update (Store Name Only) Webhook Immediate


Whiplash → Shopify


Action Trigger Timing
Order Status Updates Shipment Immediate
Inventory Level Update Inventory Level Change Immediate