September 7, 2021

Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain
  • Updated

Features and Enhancements

  • Shipment Error Messages are now available in the Admin-facing Order Troubleshoot menu.
  • Work on Projects can no longer be started when when an associated Order is in Pre-Order status.
  • The Allocations Report not includes more contextual information
    (Items search → Download CSV → Allocations)

    • The LocationAdjustment column appears on the Allocation exporter when ‘Detailed List’ is OFF.
    • The reason_code column appears on the Allocation exporter when ‘Detailed List’ is ON.
  • API only: Ship Notice Items can now be separated into a new Ship Notice via shipnotice_item.separate!
  • Various improvements to app stability and user interface.

Bug Fixes

  • After an item is updated in Whiplash, the ‘Review and Update’ button link now properly directs the User to an Order search of Orders containing the Item.
  • Inactive Shipping Methods no longer show as available options in the Customer Preferences → Shipping Method options.
  • Issues Reported from an Order are now routed to the correct landing page after submitting the Order Issue.
  • Replacing an Order now routes to the correct landing page after submission.