October 5, 2021

Victoria Kozak
Victoria Kozak
  • Updated

Features and Enhancements

  • The "Create a New Ship Notice" form has a new design: the same features in esthetical composition.
  • "Item Imports" form (from a CSV file) has an upgraded view. It no longer allows to import returns, but "Import New Item" and "Update Existing Items" features provide the same capabilities in a more convenient format. Views also contain tips and hints that will be useful for first-timers and those who have imported thousands of items using CSV templates.
  • "Location Transfer Imports" has an updated design.
  • "Edit Location Transfers" Dialog has a new look that provides more details about the item, location, and progress of a location transfer process.
  • A hint for project creators and executors is added. A message a project does not have any instruction is added by default if instructions are missed.
  • Whiplash Pallet is available as a packaging type for items.
  • EDI shipment webhook is enhanced with a payload containing order, order item, and package EDI fields called order.shipped_package_details. It includes the following data for each package: weights & dimensions, exact contents, SSCC-18 number, tracking number, and associated EDI meta fields for orders and order items.

Bug Fixes

  • Orders can be viewed in Whiplash even when an order document fails to upload.
  • It is possible to replace only orders with a status "Shipped" (or further in the order workflow).
  • Notifications sent from the Whiplash app now reflect the appropriate link when links are available.
  • Additional improvements to styling and user experience are added.