How to Plan and Prepare Wholesale Orders

Leslie Karr
Leslie Karr
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It is important to consider the size and requirements of your Wholesale Orders and provide advance notice to Whiplash on large and time-sensitive orders.


Wholesale Order Best Practices Checklist

1. Include the details of your upcoming Wholesale Orders in your projections:

    • Timing for incoming inventory
    • Desired ship date
    • SKU/unit counts
    • Will there be special handling/prep required of any type?

2. CRITICAL TIMING EXPECTATIONS - When there are multiple wholesale orders expected to ship during the same timeframe, it is important to request confirmation in advance from the facility regarding when the orders need to be placed into processing to meet the timeline.


3. Prepare your orders in the Whiplash Application: 

    • Check out some important instructions in Manage Large Orders
    • Start order creation early (You can pause order creation until all details have been completed)
    • Include special instructions for picking/packing
      • Note: Special instructions should be emailed and uploaded to the orders
    • Labeling instruction

4. Once you release orders into processing:

    • Notify Whiplash
    • Request weights & dims
    • Use weights & dims to upload BOL (Bill of Lading)

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